Military uniform clothing

Полевое обмундирование

We develop high-tech tactical clothing, which is based upon an innovative approach to protection of military personnel. Innovations give us competitive advantages, and highly efficient production facilities allow to implement the most large-scale projects.

Over the past five years, we have developed and supplied more than a million of all-season outfits of battle uniform clothing for the Russian Army. Numerous tests and examinations confirm: BTС Group’s all-season basic outfits meet the highest requirements for battle uniforms, corresponding to the international level of military personnel equipment.

Taking care of those who day and night defend the Motherland, we work every day to improve our products, paying special attention to the quality, functionality and protective properties of our products.

Our home-made flame resistant, wind-protective and water-repellent materials allow us to offer unique solutions to our customers, the primary task of which is to save life.